Research & Development

Macrophage Pharma’s lead development programme is focused on the novel macrophage targeted p38 MAPK inhibitor, MPL5821, supported by a strong package of non-clinical immuno-oncology and early safety pharmacology data.

Macrophage Pharma’s discovery engine is driven by:

  • Enabling know-how including:
    • A knowledge base of chemistry design principles enabling rapid lead optimisation
    • A significant chemical library available against a number of enzymes
    • Use of hCE-1+ve and hCE-1-ve cell lines to establish monocyte selectivity in cell growth and acid accumulation assays
    • Use of whole blood FACS assays to determine monocyte selectivity and establish early PD markers
  • A knowledge base of successful ESM™ pre-clinical development and regulatory pathways
  • An established & extensive network of collaborators (academic and industrial) and key opinion leaders
  • Establishment of a robust IP position